Smiles Virtual Chairside Networking

Smiles Dentistry is a leader in the dental community because it empowers its members with SmilesVCN communications platform. SmilesVCN sets the standard in online DDS communications and collaboration. Without it, professionals are simply deprived of the most revolutionary product in the dental industry since the introduction of the toothbrush... and it costs less!  SmilesVCN is intelligent... with the single click of a button, SmilesVCN can automatically search for, detect and securely connect to any installed webcam or mic on your computer.

No software to install or special webcam services are needed. The convenience, portability and ease of use makes SmilesVCN a vital daily asset for dentists and industry professionals to increase productivity and maximize return on investment. Once connected to a buddy, support operator, instructor or even in a multiway conference you can easily share files, push webpages and email as well as draw concurrently on group whiteboards, markup jpgs or even take collective tours or tutorials.

With the simple install of RealVNC (freebie) you can even share and access desktops remotely! SmilesVCN is an instant messenger tied to the Smiles Dentistry community and its afilliate partners. By utilizing this platform throughout the site such as in the Video Forums, CE, Virtual Exhibitors Hall and Support Desks, we have made the process of visiting the web an enjoyable experience.

DEMO the Webcam Communicator now for free.  Provided below are 2 demo login channels so you can test it with a friend or colleague.