Rural Lands Incorporation Now Committee

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"Self Government Is An American Tradition"
The CWP CRMP services combines expertise in land economics consulting with experience in the full spectrum of services related to real estate development, the financing of government services and public infrastructure, land use and conservation planning, and government organization. The CWP has drafted an Initial Fiscal Analysis (IFA) of the proposed incorporation of the Rural Lands area of San Mateo County. The IFA provides an initial evaluation of city hood feasibility and potential impacts on the County.  The proposal incorporates approximately a 100,000 acres unincorporated area of the San Mateo County Rural Coastal Zone, referred to as Rural Lands. Approximately 94,810 acres (95%) of the total Rural Lands Inc. area is government and land trust owned. Approximately 6,453 people reside within the IFA study area.

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