Lake Berryessa Visitor Services Planning Task Force

The Mission of the Lake Berryessa Visitor Services Taskforce is to develop a Visitor Services Plan CRMP. What does CRMP mean? Answer: Coordinated Resource Management and Planning (CRMP) is a community-based process used for resource planning, problem solving, and management. The CRMP process emphasizes direct participation by everyone concerned with natural resource management in a given planning area. The concept underlying CRMP is that coordinating resource management strategies will result in improved resource management and minimized conflicts among land users, landowners, governmental agencies, and interest groups. It embodies the proposition that the best way for the public to determine how to manage the interest in the environment is through collaboration among "stakeholders", not through normal governmental processes. This idea was strongly advanced in the report of the Western Regional Team of the Natural Resources Task Force of the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). The Clinton and Bush administrations endorsed the CRMP process. Both administrations saw the CRMP process as an extension of the reinventing government, for decentralization, and place based management.

The term "CRMP" is often applied to a group of people working together to improve watershed; which may include improving fish and wildlife habitat, improving water quality, implementing erosion control practices, or expanding recreational opportunities. CRMP, however, does not refer to the group itself, rather it is the process that members of the group use to increase understanding, communication, and involvement to reach agreement about whatever resource improvements are wanted or needed. The purpose of using CRMP is to solve problems and achieve Environmental Justice objectives through consensus. CRMP is the process that leads to a product: Better resource management of Lake Berryessa and an improved 21st century Visitors Services Plan! For more information, please visit the California Watershed Posse website CRMP SERVICES content module.

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