Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation

Oscar Knows is proud to have assisted in the concept, deployment and maintenance of the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation's web presense for nearly 10 years.    Primarily content driven, performs as a kiosk of information critical to residents and merchants along the sanctuary coastline.

Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation is organized under the California Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. We are dedicated to the advocacy of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and a coalition member of the Water Quality Protection Program that endeavors to preserve clean water, marine and watershed resources within its boundaries. The far reach of the Sanctuary borders extends from San Francisco Bay south all the way to Cambria in San Luis Obispo County. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a gift all of us can share. And all of us must work together to protect it. Our California Watershed Posse invites you to participate in the Water Quality Protection Program. Get involved. You can make a difference!

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