Who We Are

John Plock
Environmental Review Director

John Plock is Save Our Bay's Co-Founder and chairs the Foundation Board of Directors. John is a registered Civil Engineer, is active in San Mateo County community affairs. He focuses on the protection of the Public Health and Safety. He is a member of the County's Community Development Committee and the Landfill Arbitration Committee of the Environmental Health Department.  He recently ran for an elective office on the Board of Directors of the Granada Sanitary District.

John is a former Public Works Director administrating 1800+ employees serving approximately 1,500,000 people. He has been an active Consulting Engineer registered in several states. In 1958 and 1959 lived in Tehran, Iran, where he was the Resident Partner/ Managing Director of an International Architectural-Engineering firm with offices in New York, Rome, Teheran, and Bangkok and traveled to clients in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. For relaxation John enjoys providing the coastal communities with Yoga instructions.


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