Who We Are

Dr. Andrea Braun
CCST Director

Dr. Andrea Stoll Braun maintains a full time, private practice in Menlo Park, California with a special emphasis on esthetic and restorative family dentistry. Dr. Braun is a graduate of New York University, College of Dentistry. She served her country as a Naval Dental Officer from 1982-1985 at Moffet Field Naval Air Station. She began her private practice career in Palo Alto in 1988, and continued her participation in the Naval Reserves for six years and retired as a Lieutenant Commander.  In 1997 she moved her practice to Menlo Park.

Dr. Braun is a member in the Mid -Peninsula Dental Society and serves on the peer review committee. She belongs to the  California Dental Association and the American Dental Association and the America Academy of Computerized Dentistry. In 2002 Dr. Braun,  a licensed continuing education provider, launched her syndicated weekly Ask Smiles DDS patient education column  and founded the Smiles Dentistry Forum for Advanced Continuing Education . Dr. Braun, involved in Implant and CAD/CAM study groups is committed to staying abreast of the newest emerging technologies available to her patients. As a resident of the coastal community, Andrea participates in supporting and volunteering for Our Lady of the Pillar, and donates time and materials to Sonrisas Community dental clinic.

Andrea grew up in a navy family and lived many places during her childhood. She attended Emory University as an undergraduate and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. As a Co-Founder and Director of Save Our Bay, Andrea chairs the Coastal California Sustainability Task Force. This task force main focus is to promote awareness of each individual's obligation to conserve our natural systems in delicate balance with our economy for the preservation of the families and communities we all enjoy.   Andrea's background in science combined with her wide experience of living and serving in many locations contributes to her ability and commitment to successfully help develop and implement the California Watershed Posse's philosophies and Legacy Projects.


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