Who We Are

Alan Studley
Visual Media - Photographer - Videographer

Alan Studley has been in the adventure travel and diving industry since 1978. At the beginning of Alan's career, he was a SCUBA trainer certified for all levels of Scuba. Scuba diving all over the world, Alan has been able to build his library of photographs and video, while building a strong foundation and reputation in the photography industry. Alan provided Save Our Bay with his wonderful SOB otter images and has colloraborated with Oscar Knows on many projects worldwide.

Many of his photographs and videos have been published in international and domestic dive industry-related syndications ,including magazines, Travel brochures, Dive equipment brochures, Fish I.D. books, Otter books, CDs, Film Festivals, and Television .

OnlineWildlife.com is ready to provide complete line of services for capturing and selling award-winning images and video for your trade-publication, broadcast segment, advertisement or any other project- worldwide.


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